Geneviève Borne

Television and radio personality

“Personally, I would like to see many Francophones participate, because the more we talk about Quebec’s culture, the more we share our language and culture, the more we can be understood… and loved.”

Geneviève Borne is a television and radio personality from Montreal, Canada. Geneviève has always been in love with music. Her brother Eric, a musician, introduced her to the great rock classics as he was playing them with his band, in the garage, at home. She always wanted to talk about music! Her dream came true when she landed a job at Musiqueplus during the 90s. She had the chance to interview her favorite artists: from Madonna to the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart and Phil Collins. Later on, she co-hosted for seven years the live music TV show Belle et Bum, introducing artists coming to play their most recent songs and some cover tracks. During the summer of 2016, Geneviève hosts, on CBC, a radio program explaining most important music influences of Canadian artists.

Geneviève is also a fashion lover! Her mother was a fashion model in the 60s and 70s. Geneviève did many fashion shows and photoshoots as a model through the years. Her most prestigious contract made her the face of Cover Girl in Quebec! Through the years, she acted as a spokesperson for fashion landmarks like The Montreal Fashion and Design Festival and Clin d’œil magazine. One of her dreams is to become a fashion photographer, to push her passion for photography even further.

Geneviève is very passionate about discovering our world! She traveled all over the planet to film documentaries for the Evasion channel. She featured series on China, India, Vietnam, Tunisia, French Polynesia, Argentina and Indonesia. She also travels for humanitarian work. She visited 42 countries so far and is looking forward to discover more! But her favorite city in the world is LONDON! Geneviève is writing, at the moment, the book 300 Reasons to Love London. She will feature all the things she loves about that wonderful city and present her own photos.