Jodi Birley

ASL Advocate

“Now, personally speaking to my people of the signing community, I encourage you to ‘carpe diem’ and define what it means to be Canadian… Come and join us in showing the beauty of our sign language that coexists all over our nation.”

As a quiet yet expressive ASL speaker and a strong advocate for her signing community, Jodi Birley is a proud Canadian with a great passion in humanitarian and ASL awareness among youth and families. Her pride and confidence are influenced by her hard-working third-generation, and multi-talented, Deaf family originating in Regina, Saskatchewan. Using her Bachelors degree in Communication Studies she has accumulated 20+ years of networking relationships in the Deaf community and all over the globe as well as over a decade of working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing youth in British Columbia.

It wasn’t that long ago when Birley realized her calling as a videographer and is currently in transition to become a professional ASL advocate through media productions. As a BC resident, Birley is an avid environmentalist who loves getting her hands and feet dirty, especially off the grid. When she is home with her two cats, she enjoys gardening, cooking, and watching thrillers on Netflix.