Tru Wilson

Transgender activist

“Show us your life – your Canada – September 10th. It’s going to be awesome!”

Tru Wilson is an articulate and bold thirteen-year old transgender advocate from Vancouver, British Columbia. Tru first made headlines when her human rights complaint filed against a local Catholic school resulted in a first-ever policy that supported a child’s transition in school. With continued love and support from her family, Tru has become a proud and voracious speaker for Trans rights, and in 2015 was recognized by Vancouver Magazine as one of the city’s 50 most powerful and influential people.

Tru continues to share her story to educate and inspire others and show support for members of society who feel excluded… for any reason. Tru is also an aspiring filmmaker, and will be featuring her first documentary in this year’s Queer Film Festival as part of Reel Youth’s Troublemakers program. Tru is also an ambassador for Big Love Ball.) Still a growing teen, Tru loves to craft for hours and play with her girlfriends next door. But with a proud voice, we expect to hear much more from Tru as she continues to inspire those around her.