How can I watch it?

Canada In A Day premiered on Sunday, June 25th, 2017, 8/7c. Watch Canada In A Day on Crave.

When will I know if my video was selected?

Every video submission was screened by the Canada In A Day team. Your overwhelming response made it extremely difficult to narrow down the selections for the film, and due to its 90 minute length, not all of your videos made it in. All contributors were notified by May 19, 2017. See complete list here.

Will I be compensated for being in the film or having my video appear in the film?

No. You will be recognized in the credits as a Contributor.

I need more help or have a question

Contact us at info@canadainaday.ca and describe your issue. One of the Canada In A Day team will get back to you with assistance as soon as we can. Thanks!